AFRY, as a Swedish  Company with headquarter located in Stockholm, established since 1895, has becoming one of the largest international consulting and engineering company. with about 17,000 experts working across the world to create sustainable solutions for future generations. In China, we are executing consulting and engineering assignments from Beijing, Shanghai, Jinan and Chengdu offices.


AFRY boast a series of inspiring moral standard and corporation value targeting to builds a salary system to attract, retain and inspire employees of good performance. Company provides various competitive benefits for employees including “five insurances and housing fund”, legal festivals and holidays, annual leave, maternity leave, marriage leave, funeral leave, as well as supplementary medical insurance, paid sick leave, individual incident allowance, free health check and birthday gift, etc.


职位名称 工作地点 招聘人数 发布日期
工艺管道工程师 山东-济南市 若干 2021/05/10
Piping engineer 管道设计工程师 山东-济南市 2人 2021/05/10
自动化ICT工程师 山东-济南市 若干 2021/05/10
仪表自动化设计工程师(化工/石化方向) 山东-济南市 若干 2021/05/10
高级工业结构工程师 山东-济南市 2人 2021/05/10
化工工艺工程师 山东-济南市 2人 2021/05/10
Civil Engineer 结构工程师 山东-济南市 2人 2021/05/10
纸浆造纸工艺工程师 山东-济南市 若干 2021/05/10
高级工艺工程师(Senior Process Engineer) 山东-济南市 1人 2021/05/10
Automation Engineer自动化工程师 山东-济南市 若干 2021/05/10
暖通工程师 HVAC 山东-济南市 1人 2021/05/10
Mechanical Engineer 机械工程师 山东-济南市 4人 2021/05/10
电气设计工程师 (济南) 山东-济南市 3人 2021/05/10
暖通工程师主管 HVAC Leader 山东-济南市 1人 2021/05/10
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