SICPA protects the integrity and authenticity of your banknotes, products andpersonal identity every day. In today’s globalised world, when almost anything can be counterfeited or tampered with, these protections are absolutely essential. We develop cutting edge technology to defend the things which mattermost to you.
China Banknote SICPA Security Ink Co. Ltd, is a Sino-Swiss J.V. part of SICPA

Group Switzerland.Headquartered in Lausanne, SIPCA is a privately ownedSwiss company providing secured identification, traceability and authentication solutions and services.Contribute to a world of safety and integrity!

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IT主管-IT Supervisor 北京-大兴区 1人 2020/01/26
研发化学师-R&D CHEMIST 北京-大兴区 1人 2020/01/26
QC 工程师-QC ENGINEER 北京-大兴区 1人 2020/01/26
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