Pontis Engineering is a world market leader in the development of advanced composite products. We are an ambitious and independent international company for more than 10 years. We specialize in integrated Engineering solutions for the  development of these products, excelling in innovative power, cost effectiveness and quality. We add value to our partners by composing the optimal mix within the value chain, leveraging on our extensive industry knowledge and network, highly experienced workforce and international presence.

  Pontis Engineering 在成立十多年以来,一直作为先进的复合材料产品开发领域的领军者。我们专注于集成的工程解决方案,为这些产品的发展,提供创新的动力,成本效益和质量。通过我们广泛的行业知识,网络,经验丰富的劳动力与公司的国际化,我们利用价值链中的最优组合,为我们的合作伙伴增加价值。

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Process Engineer - 工艺工程师 北京-朝阳区 若干 2018/06/19

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